Forex Cheater Reveals...
"How To Get $25k To $100k In Forex Funding Within 10 Days! GUARANTEED!"

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GUARANTEED Evaluation Passing with First Class Forex Funds.

The timeframe for passing any sized account is about 10 trading days from the time you pay the fee and provide us with the account credentials
 we set it up within 24hrs.

You have 2 separate fees to get started. Total depends on which account size you want passed. 
1. The challenge passing fee (connecting the bot)
2. The price of the specific challenge account size on First Class Forex Funds.
Message me for full price list.

 The challenges on First Class Forex funds are refundable. 
Once your account is live & it’s time for your first withdrawal you'll be able to withdraw your Forex trading profits,
 plus the refund of what you spent to get the account:

500k account refundable fee - $2425
200k account refundable fee - $985
100k account refundable fee - $525
50k account refundable fee - $315
25k account refundable fee - $205

Once your account is live, you have 2 options.
You can enjoy your newly funded account on your own if you already trade, 
You can let us manage the live account for a 25% profit split.
We'll add your account to an EA bot as well as sprinkle in some manual trades from a very experienced trader that performs over 70% success rate on trades & understands risk management. 

Volatile Market conditions mean results may vary, but for hypothetical purposes, if you get a 100k account & the managed live account does 10% in the 1st month, the profit is $10k. Since the first month profit split with First Class Forex Funds is 75%, you withdraw $7,500.
Our profit split is 25% (you dont pay us unless you get paid)
25% of $7,500 is $1,875

That hypothetical take home month 1 is $5,625

Depending on which size account you get passed, imagine that for just a low 3-4 figure upfront fee between the bot and getting an account with no hard work, you can potentially have that fully paid for and be in profit your very first month.

Imagine those numbers growing over time as your account size grows, & the profit split with first class forex funds becomes larger in the following months, or you go ahead and purchase more accounts, then diversify. There is a great potential for an exciting 2023. 

The first withdrawal can happen 30 days after your first live trade happens.

The overall turnaround time from paying for this service to seeing for first profit will about about 45 days.  
Receive 75% profit split at the end of first month. 80% end of 2nd month, 85% end of 3rd and 90% for fourth month and moving forward.

This bot is NOT for separate sale. This is only a service.

If this is understood & you’re ready to go I’ll send you payment details & add you to group chat with the partner/plug.

STEP 1: Contact me on Facebook (preferably) to get payment instructions to cover the passing fee.
STEP 2: Purchase the Forex account on First Class Forex Funds.
STEP 3: Send me the account credentials.
Step 4: Sit back & wait to be amazed at how fast the bot will get your account passed!

Need More Proof?

Watch This Video To See How Fast The Bot Works On My $25k Account Phase 1

Video Testimony From Originally Skeptic Client ($100k Funding)

If you're still skeptic or not fully sold, you can check back here below in the near future for more undeniable proof, or you can see me post client testimony on my Facebook & Instagram daily.
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