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Watch the video below for a detailed step by step walkthrough of getting started with Royal Q. You can do all of this via mobile phone, but for simplicity, I recommend you have your phone and desktop at least for the initial setup as shown below.

Step 4 Below Will Be The Final One. Once you set it, you can forget it & let it work, until you're ready to withdraw or adjust when you have more money in your account.

If you have any problems, it is most likely because you are not sitting down quietly and paying attention to the video below. TAKE YOUR TIME!

How To Use A VPN On Your Phone (It should be similar steps if you have an Android) Just Turn It On, Set It To An Area Like Europe Or Asia, Then Your Huobi Account and Royal Q App Can Work.

Step 3: How to Set up Your RoyalQ App

If the video above did not help you, then please follow the steps below. TAKE YOUR TIME!

Step 3.1: Activating Your Yearly License



Click on your profile settings:

Then select your country:

That will fix the problem!

Step 3.2: Connecting RoyalQ API to Your Huobi Account


Choosing Your Strategy. Watch Video Below As I Walk Through Setting Up My Strategy.

Look out for more future video updates on how we will be strategizing and compounding our money. You will see how existing members are turning even just a few hundred dollars initially into THOUSANDS monthly. Be aware that results will vary & past results are not indicative of future performance. Understand that there are risks involved. This system has done it's best to minimize risks.

If you are interested in earning even more income by inviting people. If you are a marketer, you will absolutely love how much potential we have to leverage peoples winning trades. This is a win win potential.
Go to the Circle tab at the bottom middle.

You can compare the different trader with the statistics button at the top left according to different criteria (profit, popularity etc.)
We recommend using QQ Circle which you can find through the Search Circle search bar (it's one of the most popular, and with the best returns)
Click on View once your account has been found.
On its page you will find various information such as its Telegram channels, and the settings to use.

As a bonus here is a French channel on the subject which also uses QQ Circle and with a very nice admin:

Click on the yield figure.

Activation of The Strategy
Click On Sync Strategy.

Strategy Parameter
Enter the parameters recommended here by QQ Circle for the following values:

First Buy in amount -> "First Buy in"

Number of strategies -> "No of strategy"

Synchronous opening doubled

Click on Sync Strategy.

NB: Manual adjustments are regularly offered by QQ Circle on its channel
Verification activation
The button turns gray with Cancel Sync, and your settings are displayed.

This button can be used to stop the application's trading, for example to change the parameters.

It can be used anytime without much impact.
Track earnings on Royal Q
In the Home tab, click on Revenue.

NB: only closed positions appear. Floating losses are not taken into account, as Royal Q never closes with a loss.

QQ Recommended Strategy

Refer to the graph below for the figures:
First Buy-in

Keep Open Position Doubled OFF
First Buy-in Chance
QQ Circle recommends setting the value of First Buy-In to $ 15 for all tokens.

In the Quantitative tab, click on each token, then on Trade Setting at the bottom right, and adjust the First Buy in amount value if necessary .
Keep Calm !!
In all circumstances (especially during a bearish market), QQ Circle recommends not to panic (by selling everything at a loss for example) and to let the strategy take its course.

⚠️ Under these conditions QQ Circle can convert 100% of your USDT into token, but this is normal. 

Two possibilities :

do nothing and let the classes go up

replenish the account to buy the cryptos at the low price (potentially more loss too ...)

Choice of tokens
⚠️ Reserved for advanced users

It is possible to guide Royal Q so that it does not use tokens deemed less profitable (even if past performance is no guarantee of future performance).

Indeed, Royal Q chooses the tokens on which it will trade according to the opportunities that arise once the synchronization is carried out.

On the page of the trader followed, when you click on his performance, there is a summary of the past profitability on each token with the selected strategy.

In the Quantitative tab, you can then select the unwanted cryptos by clicking on them, and sell them via the Sell button.


Watch out for Floating Loss at this time.

This is manual trading, if the sale is at a loss it will not be deducted from your profit.

It is possible to convert in Binance the remainder of coins into BNB token in your Spot with the button 
" Convert small balances into BNB "


Add & Message Me On Facebook & Ask To Be Added To Messenger Group. 
After You've Funded Your Account, You will be given steps on how to make your bot run daily. In the Royal Q app, go to "mine" tab on the bottom right, then click on "share" and you will get the link you can copy to give any of your referrals if you want to make more money. Have your referrals go through the SAME step that you went through. 
It's as simple as that.

Send them this very same page by clicking below.

Make sure your referral has your referral link code.
Below is the website link to the STEP BY STEP instructions page. 👇🏾

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